BEAT BioTherapeutics Corp. (BEATBio) is developing BB-R12, a novel biological therapy with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of heart failure. Heart failure constitutes a large and growing epidemic. The World Health Organization reports that 29% of deaths worldwide are due to cardiovascular disease. Approximately 6 million Americans are living with heart failure today. New therapies to address this epidemic are urgently needed to decrease patient mortality, improve patient quality of life and address the burgeoning cost of care.

BB-R12 therapy is based on the fundamental discovery that dATP is a superior fuel for cardiac muscle contraction than is ATP.  In cardiac muscle cells, dATP synthesis is driven by a well-characterized enzyme, ribonucleotide reductase. BB-R12 (delivering a vector that codes for an optimized form of ribonucleotide reductase) increases intracellular dATP making it available to promote enhanced myofilament cross-bridge formation.  This results in improved heart muscle cell contraction, tissue and organ contraction, improved muscle relaxation and significantly improved cardiac performance.  BB-R12 is being developed to treat heart failure by increasing cardiac performance and this therapy has also demonstrated the potential to prevent or delay the onset of heart failure. BB-R12 has shown efficacy and has also been safe in multiple animal models, including a swine disease model.

BEATBio’s founders, from the University of Washington, are recognized experts in cardiovascular biology, muscle physiology and bioengineering and have received nearly $50MM of NIH funding.

BEATBio holds worldwide rights to this technology and used a recently raised $2.9MM seed financing to successfully complete the initial stages of pre-clinical development and manufacturing scale-up. We have assembled a strong team of advisers and contractors that allowed us to rapidly achieve significant milestones. The company is now raising a Series A financing to complete IND-enabling studies and commence Phase I human trials.

Accomplishments to Date:

  • Demonstrated that BB-R12 dramatically restores ejection fraction and overall cardiac performance in animal models of heart failure and improves contraction and relaxation in healthy and depressed heart muscle cells following injury with no safety issues identified to date.
  • Developed and manufactured a humanized construct and scaled up manufacturing using a system licensed from the NIH.
  • Repeated/confirmed earlier rodent experiments using our human construct.
  • Completed a successful proof-of-concept study with the humanized construct in a large-animal (swine) myocardial infarction / heart failure model demonstrating substantial performance recovery and dose-responsiveness with no observed safety issues.
  • Built out a strong management team that now includes Sam L. Teichman as CMO.