BEAT Biotherapeutics Corp. (BEATBio) is developing BB-R12, a novel gene therapy with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of heart failure. Chronic heart failure and related diseases are the most costly healthcare problems worldwide with mortality exceeding that of infectious diseases and all forms of cancer combined. Approximately 26 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure. New therapies to address the heart failure “epidemic” are urgently needed to decrease patient morbidity and mortality, improve patient quality of life and address the exploding cost of care. BEATBio is using gene therapy technology to reverse the underlying cause of heart failure, a weakened heart. BB-R12 activates myosin, the pumping protein in the heart, to strengthen contractions and speed relaxation.
BB-R12 has shown efficacy in multiple animal models, including a swine heart failure model. The swine study data was published in the European Journal of Heart Failure – see news sections.
BEATBio is a spin out of the University of Washington and has raised $4MM in seed funding. The company is currently raising Series A financing to file a US IND and complete a Phase 1 clinical trial in the heart failure patient population that will provide human proof-of-concept data within 24 months of the funding.

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